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We help people become awesome problem solvers.
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We help people become awesome problem solvers.
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Welcome to AdventHealth Innovation Lab
“We Learned in 5 days at AdventHealth Innovation Lab what would have taken years to learn at home. The clinical observations and conversations were amazing and our team was transformed by the process.”
— Innovation Team Lead, Fortune 500 Company

Our Goals

What Makes AdventHealth Innovation Lab Unique

When it comes to solving departmental and organizational challenges, many people are too close to their work, have limited time, and do not know where to even begin. The AdventHealth Innovation Lab helps provide time, space, and a way to create this needed change.
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The Innovation Lab team, led by Dr. Karen Tilstra, has studied innovation and creativity for nearly a decade. With a doctorate in Creative Leadership and a background in Educational Psychology, Karen has created an engine for innovation within Florida Hospital, in addition to other companies. Karen has a deep passion for unlocking the creative spirit within all people. Through the work of Karen and the entire FHIL team, creativity has spread throughout the organization evidenced by nearly 600 projects.

FHIL favors design thinking when facilitating teams through the innovation process. As a free resource for all Florida Hospital employees, FHIL facilitators tailor each project to the specific needs of the team. For the complete story on how and why FHIL was created, click here to watch Karen explain it in her latest ted talk.

Partner Companies

We help healthcare companies connect and learn from front line clinical staff.

“AdventHealth Innovation Lab helped me take the creativity inside of me and put it on supercharge. It’s amazing there is a place at my job where I can create change.”
— AVP Cardiovascular Institute

3 Steps to Your Project

Describe your project needs.
We’ll work with you to create an effective project strategy.
Launch your project and discover incredible insights.
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